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Steelyard's Trade-only Advantage

Steelyard was built by and for interior design professionals. Everything about Steelyard is presented in a manner which complements your skills as a designer, combining the thrill of the hunt with the satisfaction of finding the products that you can trust to delight your clients.

For nearly 20 years, Steelyard has been inspiring our members with new and interesting products from vendors that appreciate the value of the interior design professional. Unlike sites that mainly cater to the DIY consumer, when you find a product on Steelyard you can be confident that the product is from a vendor who is committed to first-rate customer satisfaction. Once you find the perfect products, Steelyard will help you manage your project, track vendor requests and present recommendations to your clients for approval.

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Accelerated Product Search

Navigate a library of over 100,000 products with Steelyard’s product search tool created specifically for the interior designer. Sort by keyword, style, brand, price, and more to hone in on the perfect product for your project. Steelyard gives you the deepest and widest resource you’ve ever known to help fire up your creative talents and bring the right product right to your clients to delight them—and differentiate you from all of the rest.

Personalized Inspiration Gallery

Develop an inspiration board filled with your favorite products from Steelyard. Keep them for future projects or as a continuing resource for your current tasks. Organize your product searches according to the industries you serve and as you build your project folders with exciting product posts, watch your specification time shrink and your productivity grow.

Detailed Product Specifications

The time it takes to find the right product can be frustrating especially through generic web search engines like Google or Bing. On Steelyard you are able to find and specify products faster and more efficiently. You can open multiple windows, save your favorites and reach out to brands all from the specifications center—because you have complete information you can readily close out your sourcing and get on with your day.

Preferred Brand Monitoring

Keep tabs on an ever growing library of hundreds of interactive product catalogs and be the first to know when new products from your favorite brands become available. We include only the top brands and within that group, we make sure that you will experience unparalleled quality in your brand interactions. Your creativity combines with the best brands in the business so you can source that elusive product that makes your project a showstopper.

Organization & Project Management

Organize your current and upcoming projects within Steelyard's Design Dashboard project management platform. Find and specify products and place into unique folders for each project - or upload your own content to keep all of your ideas in one place. Leave the era of stacked catalogs and file cabinets behind for a streamlined experience that can up your productivity—and your profits as a result.

Request Tracking

Ask for additional product information, request a price quote, or place an order, all from your Steelyard Designer Dashboard. We’ve built the brand connection for you—all you have to do is reach out and connect directly with the manufacturer's customer service or sales resources.

Vendors and Manufacturers of furnishings, accessories and other decor products that cater to the high-end residential, hospitality, or contract interior design industries are encouraged to contact us and join the hundreds of top brands that use Steelyard as their product inspiration and customer service platform to-the-trade.

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