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Frequently Asked Questions


Q - What is Steelyard?

Steelyard offers interior design & architectural professionals the industry's only exclusive product research and specification platform for organizing & managing the creative aspects of a design project.

Q - What is the Steelyard mission?

Our mission is to "empower the interior design industry by connecting our community through innovations in technology”. We help design professionals find and specify products on a platform that enables you to organize and execute projects that thrill your clients and set you apart.

Q - Why should I manage my design projects on Steelyard?

Steelyard has been created by designers, for designers. We built the features we wanted when we worked as designers and manufacturers. As a result, everything about Steelyard is designed to increase your productivity and efficiency.

  • We make it easy to find and specify unique products. Easily browse or search to quickly find the right product. Effortlessly narrow search results, broaden search results or save searches for later use.
  • Gain inspiration. Looking for ideas? Not sure if you’ve found the right match? With Steelyard, get inspired by tens of thousands of products. Plus we’ll periodically share some great examples we’ve encountered.
  • Effortlessly manage projects. Steelyard makes it easy to manage multiple projects and multiple clients. Add projects, update products, add/remove products and more.
  • Keep track of your favorite brands. Have a few favorite brands? Is there a line you want to keep tabs on for future projects? Steelyard makes it simple to save and track your preferred brands.
  • Connect with brands when you’re ready, on your terms. Once you’re ready, request additional information, get a quote, find out about product availability or learn about customization from the provider.
In short, we offer features that let you focus more on the creative parts of your job while driving greater profitability and a competitive advantage.

Q - How does Steelyard work?

Steelyard connects vetted interior design professionals with trusted brands in our industry to make the commercial design process easier than ever. It catalogs thousands of products from hundreds of manufacturers and artists allowing you to find products that match your needs, organize them into independent projects, gather specification information for every item you need, and keep track of your favorite providers’ newest offerings.

Q - Who can join Steelyard?

Steelyard is not open to the public. All of our members are professional Interior Designers, Architects, Retail Purchasers, Facility Managers, Builders, Landscape Designers, Professional Buyers, or Design Students/Faculty. By prequalifying our members we have created a highly-concentrated community of design professionals that represent high-end projects in both residential and commercial markets.

Q - Who is Steelyard NOT for?

Steelyard is not for the layman or one-off designer. We are focused on providing a platform for dedicated interior design professionals to complete projects faster and provide more value to their clients.

Q - Why did TODL become Steelyard?

TODL stands for Trade Only Design Library, and while our platform still holds true to that idea, in 2015 it evolved into something much greater. Steelyard is a comprehensive designer project platform that connects and supports the entire interior design industry in one place, helping designers, architects, purchasers, manufacturers, reps, products, artists, design centers, showrooms, trade shows, markets, magazines, universities, charities and associations research and specify products for their unique projects.

Q - Where can I learn more?

To learn more about what Steelyard can do for design professionals, go here. To read about the Steelyard story, go here.

Finding & Specifying Products

Q - How is Steelyard’s Product Search different from others?

The “Product Search” section of the Steelyard platform allows users to be diverse in their search habits. Quickly search for specific items using keywords, brands, or phrases on our search bar. For inspiration, our endless galleries are available to browse through and discover new products. Once you find a search that fits your criteria, you have the ability to save it for future reference, as well as refine it further with filtering options.

Q - How do I find and specify products fast and easy on Steelyard?

The quickest way to search for products is by using the prominent search field on the Steelyard home screen. Simply type in what you're looking for and be directly connected with it. You can also use the quick search drop-down from any place on Steelyard. Click the magnifying glass at the top left corner of your screen to start a new search at any time.

Q - What if I just want to browse for products and services?

You can browse through different categories by clicking on the icon for “Product Search” located on the home screen. You can also access this product search from anywhere on the site using the navigation menu on the top left, home page, or the product tag icon located on the bottom left page footer. If you want to change between categories at any time, simply open up the “Product Search” menu again, and select a new category to explore.

Q - How do I save searches for later?

“Saved Searches” are bookmarks you can place on a search so you can refer back to it at a later date. On the top right corner of the search results page, you will find the option to “Save Search”. Give your search a specific name so you can easily find and refer to it later. For added convenience your “Saved Searches” are date stamped to be easily found within your saved search archive. Your archive is located in the drop down profile menu titled, “Saved Searches”.

Q - Is there a way to narrow my search results?

Yes. Once you land on your search results page, you will notice on the left side of the screen a “Keywords” box that has the keyword(s) you originally searched for. Right below that box you will see an “Add Keywords” option. The “Add Keywords” field will allow you to add or remove keywords to narrow or broaden your search even more.

Choosing Favorites

Q - What is the “Your Favorites” section and how does it work?

The “Your Favorites” section is your go-to place for products that you love but you may not have a project for right now. Simply click on the heart icon that appears under a product image during a search, or on an item’s spec page, and this will save it as a favorite. Each one of your “Favorite” items will appear under your “Favorites” section.

Q - Can I move an item from my “Favorites” to a current project?

Yes. When you are in “Your Favorites” click on the folder icon under the product image that you want to move. A window will pop up that asks you which “Project” you would like to add the product to or if you would like to create a new project. Select the appropriate location to send it to, then click, “Great, I’m Done”.

Q - Can I "Sort" my "Favorites" so I can just see my latest at the top?

Yes. You can sort “Your Favorites” by “Latest” or “Alphabetical”. Click the “Sort By” menu and select “Latest” to sort your “Favorites” chronologically.

Q - Can I choose what product information is displayed in my favorites?

Yes. In “Your Favorites”, click the “Show” button on the top left side of the screen. A drop-down menu will appear with options for customizing your visual experience. You can click the boxes in the drop-down menu next to the product data you would like displayed under each product image i.e. (Product Name, Price, Brand Name, Lead Time, and Collection Name). If you don’t want to see any text, simply do not check any options.

Q - Can I change the way product images are displayed in Steelyard?

Yes. You can control the visual experience throughout Steelyard. When clicking the “Show” button (located on the top left of every Steelyard search page) you will have two options at the bottom of the drop-down menu for how images are displayed, “Full” or “Zoom”. “Full Size" will show the full product image and "Zoom" will show the image a little larger for more detail.

Project Management

Q - What is the “Your Projects” section and how does it work?

The “Your Projects” section of Steelyard is where you can store, organize, and manage all of your current and upcoming projects. This section works as a complete workspace for all aspects of project building. Save your findings to specific folders and upload other sources into your folder to keep track of every piece of your project. You have the ability to name each project folder specifically and create sub-folders within them for all individual aspects of your project.

Q - How do I “Create a New Project” in Steelyard?

To add a new project, go to your project section and click the “Create New Project” icon in the top center of the page. Once the main project is created, you can “View Project” and add sub-folder(s) within the project. To add a sub-folder, click on the “Add Folder” button on the top right side of the screen within your selected project. You can add as many “Folders” as you want within a project. Also add projects directly from your search results. Click on the “Add to Project” folder icon that appears under the product image. A window will appear that gives you the option to add a new project toward the bottom.

Q - How do I “Add” an item to a “Project Folder” that I already have setup?

Click on the folder icon under any product image. A window should pop up allowing you to select from your existing projects. Choose which folder you’d like to save the product in and it will appear checked. You may also create a new project in this window if you have not yet created an appropriate one. Click the “Great, I’m Done” button when you’re finished. You can also follow these steps from an individual product’s spec page by clicking the “+ to Project” icon.

Q - Can I “Move” a product from one project folder to another?

Yes. Navigate to your “Projects” area. Click on the project and folder where the item you need to move is located. To move the item between folders, simply click the highlighted “Move this Item” folder icon and select the appropriate folder in the pop-up window.

Q - Can I “Copy” a product from one project to a completely different project?

Yes. Navigate to your “Projects” area. Click on the project and folder where the item you need to copy is located. To “Copy” the item into a separate project, click on the un-highlighted “Copy to Project” double paper icon and select the appropriate project folder in the pop-up window.

Q - How do I upload my own photos into a Project?

Navigate to your “Projects” area. Click on the “Upload File” and a window will open with instructions for uploading. Select the files you would like to upload and click “Start Upload”. Once they are uploaded the window will disappear and the files will be in your project folder.

Your Preferred Brands

Q - What is the “Preferred Brands” section and how does it work?

While using the Steelyard platform you may come across a company you want keep tabs on for future projects. With one click you can add that brand’s digital catalog to your “Preferred Brands” for easy access in the future. Think of it as your own digital catalog library.

Q - How do I “Add” a brand’s digital catalog to my “Preferred Brands” Library?

To add a brand to your “Preferred Brands” library, simply visit their catalog and click the “Star” icon appearing on the top of the page next to their brand name. Upon clicking the “Star” icon, it will highlight orange, letting you know the Brand has successfully been added to your Preferred list.

Q - Can I remove a brand from my “Preferred Brands” Library?

Yes. Just navigate to the “Preferred Brands” section and click on the “Star” icon next to the brand’s name in the title bar to remove it. The brand will automatically be removed from your library. You can also click the “Star” icon next to their name on their catalog to remove them. If you have done this by mistake, simply add them again by clicking the “Star” to highlight it.

Q - Is there a max number of brands I can add to my “Preferred Brands” library?

No. Add as many or as few as you like.

Q - Can I sort through my "Preferred Brands" alphabetically?

Yes. You can sort “Preferred Brands” by “Title” or by “Latest”. Click the “Sort By” menu and select “Title” to sort your brands alphabetically by title.

Products & Catalogs

Q - How do I request more details or pictures about a product?

Navigate to the product page and select the “Request Info” button. A window will appear and you will be able to request samples, ask for CAD details, and write a note to the manufacturer about any other concerns you have. Also, try checking the “Supporting Information” section underneath the “Request Info” button for more product images and information.

Q - Where can I find a company’s full Catalog?

When looking at a product, navigate to the top-left of your screen and select the square “Collections” button. This will show you all of the brand’s current products in their catalog that you can sort by collection and category.

Q - What is a “Collection”?

A Collection is a group of similar products provided by a specific brand. These groupings can include lighting, furniture, appliances, and much more.

Q - What is a “Category”?

A Category is a grouping of a brand’s products based on type. Whereas a company might have a general “Lighting” Collection, you can sort through their catalog to find a specific segment of products, like chandeliers, using the Category sorting feature.

Q - Where can I go to learn more about the company making the product?

When viewing a product page you can learn more about the brand providing the product by clicking the “About Company” button located in the top-left of your screen. The “About Company” page includes a description of the business, their location, and a link to their website. If you would like to contact the company directly simply click the “Request More Info” button and a window will appear allowing you to send a message to the brand.

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