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Steelyard Demand Generation Platform

Leading brands use the Steelyard Sales Portal to reach vetted professional interior designers who are researching, specifying, and tracking from the Steelyard platform. Using our advanced analytics system and user behavior reporting, brands featured on the Steelyard portal boost their revenue and sales productivity. Following are some of the key features.

Prospect Targeting via Search and Email

Generate qualified leads from Steelyard’s vast audience of interior design professionals with sponsored listings across the platform and within email & inbound marketing campaigns. Reach the right designers at the right time with focused campaigns that really leave an impression.

Designer Focused Materials

Provide detailed online product information to designers to ensure that your brand message comes across strongly and with simplicity. Our experts will help you create the most impactful materials that help manufacturers build loyal relationships with interior design professionals. Nurture demand and shore up retention levels that have you front-and-center for every designer project.

Unique Web Platform for Your Products

Leads from Steelyard are prequalified thanks to your interactive catalog filled with deep product data and supporting information for designer research and product specifications. Create a one-of-a-kind digital showroom and watch your products gain attention and sales traction. Track inbound requests with the Brand Dashboard & Request Log to gain insight into real time demand.

Interior Designer Friendly Spec Pages

Your products show up as delightfully designed specifications pages for designers to print, share and work from easily. These pages become sales tools for you — and become part of each designer’s go-to library - a trusted source of creativity for each and every project they specify.

Monitor Designer Interactions with Your Products

Track who is specifying within your site and exactly what they are saving to folders, in order to provide additional customer insight. Craft your interactive product catalog to get the most hits by featuring the most popular products. Build campaigns to reach the customers who view specific kinds of products within the industries you serve. Watch your reach and revenue grow!

Real-time Marketing and Sales Analytics

Gain additional insight about the designers taste, trends & requirements and their interaction with your brand and products. Strengthen your relationships by tracking product demand information and become better equipped to build on your success using state of the art analytics.

Designer Channel Dashboard

Our exclusive, one-of-a-kind brand dashboard shows you how well you are reaching prospective interior design buyers and where your activities on Steelyard are making the most impact. Use this data to tailor your sales messaging and see how you can gain market share and more fans — all in one step.

Anytime Web Access

Take Steelyard on the go with our always mobile-optimized platform. Receive leads on the go, and reach back to designer request in real-time. A smooth web interface ensures you can get request for info, quote, or orders while you are away from your office.

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