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Q - What makes Steelyard different?

Steelyard is the premier inspiration and specification platform for professional designers around the world. Leading brands use it to reach vetted interior designers who are researching, specifying, and purchasing directly from the Steelyard platform. Using our advanced analytics system and unique promotional opportunities, brands featured on the Steelyard platform expand their reach and increase their profitability.

Q - What types of brands/manufacturers benefit from Steelyard?

Steelyard is designed for providers to the professional interior design industry -- product designers and manufacturers, artists, trade service providers, work/showrooms, and exclusive distributors.

Q - Why should we use Steelyard?

Steelyard will help shorten your sales cycle, fill your pipeline and generate sales by putting your brands and products in front of the right buyers at the time they are specifying and purchasing for their projects.

Q - How can Steelyard improve demand for my product line?

Steelyard provides a means to reach vetted designers who research, source, specify and purchase in the diverse and lucrative B2B market. Your company receives requests from potential buyers interested in purchasing products. This saves your sales team valuable time by separating tentative inquiries from highly qualified and informed leads that have a strong interest in your products.

Q - How is Steelyard’s pricing compared to alternatives?

Because Steelyard is available only to the trade, our ability to deliver highly qualified buyers is unparalleled in the industry. Steelyard provides a cost-effective and easy to manage means to promote your brand to a focused group of interior design professionals eager to find new products for their upcoming projects. The cost of leveraging Steelyard’s automated, online lead generation capabilities as an inbound sales channel is significantly less than the cost of traditional outbound sales channels.

Q - How do I engage with interested prospects?

Members can ask for more information, request a quote, or even initiate inbound calls easily through one of your product pages. When they submit a request they also approve Steelyard to provide you with their name, phone number, and email address to ensure that you can contact them regarding their request. All of these requests for info are easily tracked through the Designer Dashboard on one end and your Brand Dashboard on your end so a lead never gets missed or forgotten.

Key Feature: Catalog Promotion

Q - How is Steelyard’s Product Search different from others?

There are multiple options to feature your products on the Steelyard homepage and within targeted search result pages and on the Designer's Dashboard. When a member clicks on the sponsored product placement they are brought to your product page where they can easily look through your catalog and request more information.

Key Feature: Analytics Platform

Q - How do I access the analytics panel?

You can access the analytics panel from any page by hovering over your account name in the top-right corner of the screen and selecting “Brand Portal” from the drop-down menu.

Q - What is the difference between Awareness and Activity?

Your brand’s “Awareness” is its exposure within the Steelyard platform. It includes Email Campaign views, About Page visits, and Feature views. “Activity” goes beyond exposure and incorporates certain actions taken by members. This includes the number of people adding your company to their Preferred Brands, visiting your website and viewing products within your Catalog.

Q - Can I filter my analytic information by date?

Yes. In the top-right of your analytics page is an activity filter. There you can sort the data using pre-determined lengths or a customized start and end date.

Key Feature: Email Campaigns

Q - Why Steelyard email campaigns?

Steelyard email campaigns feature your products in a designer-friendly way and motivate members to click directly into your product page. Once on the page, they can learn more about your company, view your catalog, or place an order. Members report they often save these emails and reference them later when seeking inspiration or starting new projects.

Q - What is the difference between a premium and standard email feature?

Located at the top of our multi-brand emails, premium placements offer increased exposure to our members and are available to only four brands per email. Underneath the premium placements are the standard features which include a brief product description and link directly to your catalog.

Q - Can I target email prospects in my region?

Yes. Steelyard offers email campaigns called Exclusives, which feature products from your brand only. They can be distributed nationally or to members in your region.

Q - What kind of content can I feature in my Exclusives?

Exclusives are very versatile, but brands see the most success when introducing a new product, promoting an event series, or building their brand within a specific region.

Pricing & Implementation

Q - How much will it cost us to be a Steelyard featured brand?

Manufacturers featured on Steelyard sign up for an annual base package that gets their products featured on the site. They can then choose from a variety of programs designed to enhance their visibility and outreach.

Q - What’s the process to get started?

We make it as simple and easy as possible. Simply go to this webpage and follow the instructions. We’ll take it from there.

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