Grow Your Designer-Driven Sales with Steelyard

Steelyard is a marketing & demand generation platform to increase the revenue and profitability of manufacturers that serve the professional interior design industry. We shorten your sales cycle, fill your pipeline, and generate sales by putting your products in front of the right buyers at the time they are specifying and purchasing for their projects.

Leading Brands

Reach $68 billion market

Leading brands put their products on Steelyard to reach vetted designers who research, source, specify and purchase in the diverse and lucrative B2B market. This market drives more than $68 billion of product sales in North America annually, according to the American Society of Interior Designers (ASID) 2015 Outlook report.


Analytics and insight to measure your target market

Because we provide manufacturers the precise analytics they need to view and track how designers search and specify products, sales performance, providers/brands are better able to target the interior design market, convert viewers to buyers, and market their product lines more successfully and profitably than ever before.


Expand marketing outreach

Get your top products in front of tens of thousands of professional commercial and residential interior design professionals who are researching and specifying products.

  1. Build loyalty among the growing professional interior design community.
  2. Expand marketing outreach through multi-channel media programs that build awareness, fill your pipeline, and generate revenue.
  3. Improve close rates and shorten the sales cycle — Steelyard members are able to search, manage projects, and specify products, quickly and easily.
  4. Capture a bigger share of the designer-driven product sales that would have been otherwise unavailable to you.
  5. Use the Steelyard Sales and Marketing Dashboard to track every part of every customer engagement, as well as the metrics to drive constantly improving performance.

See How Steelyard Can Boost Demand For Your Products.

Leading brands use the Steelyard Sales Portal to reach vetted professional interior designers who are researching, specifying, and initiating purchases from the Steelyard platform.

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